Margarita Chrissaki

Founder and Designer

Born in Greece in 1992, Margarita Chrissaki developed a dream to design jewelry at an early age. Her first experience as a young child was with coloured beads and string from which she managed to create bracelets that she sold on beaches in the Greek islands. Since then, Margarita has spent time making and designing jewelry, which has been inspired by her travels to the Maldives, India, Japan, Egypt and France together with other beautiful places. Launched in 2012, Maggoosh, a name Margarita’s friends called her, immediately attracted numerous clients who recognized the uniqueness and freshness of her designs. She has also participated in several high-profile jewelry exhibitions, fashion events and has been widely interviewed about Maggoosh. Maggoosh jewelry aims at complimenting and complementing those connoisseurs of style with a strong personality, a passion for the exotic and a thirst for self-expression. Through the use of quality materials fashioned into forms that embrace and carress, Maggoosh has designed pieces that define and are defined by the wearer, creating a unique combination. This uniqueness reflects the range of Margarita’s versatility. Her multidimensional identity has been molded through breakdancing in world championships, designing innovative jewelry, owning her own company and studying shipping. She has never been frightened to take up a new challenge, believing you should always strive for the freedom to be who you want to be.